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Application: suitable for control of medium and low temperature cold storage.the communication funtion can be choosed RS485 or bluetooth  
Type: Y type, YR type, Q type
Function characteristics: word display and operation, compressor 1 step, compressor 2 step, aircooled evaporator, defrosting ,
alarm output. Intelligent defrost,  energy-saving defrosting on demand. three kinds of startup mode that is automatic, 
manual and memory can be  selected. Five road  alarm protection input and prompt, it can be protected on demand.
Status Display:Discharge/suction pressure, oil temperature, compressor status,  Economizer (ECO) status, Condenser status, oil cooler status, external control status, bypass valve status
Alarm Display:Phase sequence protection alarm, high/low pressure alarm,compressor current alarm,  compressor temperature/oil pressure(with oil pump) alarm,  aircooled evaporator current alarm, 
cold storage temperature upper limit/lower limit alarm,cold storage temperature/evaporator temperature sensor wire break alarm
Power: three-phase five-wire(or three-phase four-wire)AC 380V  50Hz
Control Accuracy:±0.1℃
Temperature Range:-50~50℃
Temperature Sensor 2 channels  NTC, the length of wire is 2m
Working Environment Temperature:0℃~60℃
Working Environment Humidity:20%~85%,no condensation.
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