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New Fan and Wind Ark

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It belongs to open loop system, and provides filtered outdoor fresh air by intelligent control on-deman, let people 

indoors can also breathe the fresh, clean, high quality and constant oxygen air. ARCO increased efficient exhaust 

heat recovery unit on the basis of existing, and carries on the filtration and sterilization of PM2.5 in the air, ensure 

indoor air quality and can reduce energy waste. 

The main features

1.New Fan include two type that are fresh air supplement(wall embedded) and regional air supply(multi-split)   
2.Intelligent controll. Depend on the deep experience about the research and development of intelligent control , Our company developed a new wind control system.the system can automatically open and stop according to monitored CO2 concentration , and achieved  automatic control new air supply and automatically adjust the air volume
3.Wall embedded new fan has good appearance, and easy to install, it is suitable for single little space air supply
4.Wall embedded new fan designed without air duct, that avoid the secondary pollution by the user duct
5.Multi-split concealed type new fan can intelligent balance air volume , and ensure all the zone supply air balance
6. It is extremely easy to change filter part, make sure the system meet the requirements that users can access clean and fresh air
7.Toilet can be realized linkage with the existing exhaust fan , and activeed control indoor pressure to maintain positive pressure 

Wall Embedded New Fan

Air Volume 200m3/h ~ 400m3/h, direct current speed regulating
Filtration Class :F8
Multi-split Concealed Type NewFan

Application area: it estimates according to floor height 3m, ventilation factor 4 
Filtration Class :F8


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